Our beliefs

Maturity does not automatically come with the passage of years.  A prayer I pray often is: 'Lord, let me grow up, before I grow old.

John Wimber


God describes Himself as gracious and compassionate; slow to anger and abounding in love. God is good and, by nature, in a good mood.  

We believe that God has revealed himself in three separate personalities - the Father, Jesus his son, and Holy Spirit.  In the communion that the three members of the Godhead enjoy, they model for us the unity we are to have as we live in God and he lives in us.   

JESUS - our savior & model

Jesus came to represent who his Father is to the world, to remove the punishment for sin by dying in our place and to give us eternal life, and to give us a perfect model for how to live on the earth.


We are saved from our sin and destruction only through faith in Jesus as our deliverer and our Lord.  That is, we must turn our lives over to him.  When we do, the Holy Spirit comes and makes a home inside of us, and through him we have access to all of God.

the spirit & the gifts

The Father sent forth the Holy Spirit, as promised on Pentecost and continues to give the Holy Spirit to whoever asks.  In addition to the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, they now receive a filling up, which gives power to serve and to live a full and holy Christian life.  The gift of tongues, prophecy, and all other spiritual gifts mentioned in the New Testament are available to every Christian through the Holy Spirit, though the degree and manifestation are up to God.


The only reason for our life on the earth is to come to know and love God, and then demonstrate the truth of who he is to others.  Salvation is the beginning of our true life, not the end.  We are to be bearers of light, and ambassadors of Christ.  We were told that we were to do the same works as Jesus, the Anointed One, our example, and indeed that we would do even greater works.  This includes healing, delivering people from evil spirits, and even raising the dead