our mission

Our goal is to create an ever-expanding community of hope-filled believers who know they're loved and accepted by a good God and who have become world-changers in their everyday lives through their identity in Christ and their access to his love and power.

SHORE VINEYARD'S MISSION IS TO CHANGE THE WORLD wherever and whenever possible

Our job is to see the entire Jersey Shore region following God.  

Some things that define us and help accomplish this are:

  • Passionate prayer and worship, through the Shore House of Prayer, operating daily fueling and covering all that we do in the region, and all that God shows us, both near and far. 
  • Compassionate outreach, through the Shore Hope Center, meeting needs, feeding the hungry, hosting recovery meetings, offering counselling and healing, and partnering with local government programs .
  • Evangelistic saturation, through everyday contacts in our jobs and lives, public worship, treasure hunts, street ministry, and home-to-home visitation.
  • Expansive discipleship, through neighborhood bible-studies, youth programs, training programs for marriages and families, school programs, training in worship arts…
  • World-changing missions, through planting powerful kingdom-minded churches, equipping and sending out prayer warriors, discipling other regions and nations.
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