Shore Vineyard's Core Leadership Team consists of four over-seeing couples.  All eight are "ordained pastors"...but truthfully our gifts and calling are spread out much wider in a biblically diverse way.

  • Brett & Maria Conover

    Brett, a second generation pastor (and UFC fan), met Maria all the way back when they were in high school.  Ocean County has been their home for their entire lives and they each feel personally called to this area.  Their dream: The entire Jersey Shore living in revival.  They have three daughters...more

  • Amanda Wilkins

    Despite her many talents, Amanda is using her love and leadership to primarily impact our youth.  Having met the Lord while in high school she is super-passionate about the next generation.  She longs to see "world changers" raised up who have encountered God's extravagant love for them, and is bent on seeing transformation in their homes, friends and schools.  Amanda is married to Greg and they have three children, Ella, Levi and Kat. 

  • Tom & Jennifer Channing

    The best way to describe Tom and Jennifer is they “bleed Shore Vineyard!” The moment the Channings came to us in 2010 they hit the ground running and haven’t looked back. Jennifer is the leader and founder of our popular Transformed Class and is passionate about seeing the body of Christ walking “Saved, Healed and Set Free”! She is also pastor over Church Administration and Discipleship. Tom is the overseer and creator of our home groups called the Redwood Project. Both Tom and Jennifer are passionate lovers of people, Jesus and pugs! Just ask their two dogs, Lola and Luigi!

  • Mark & Christina Harrup

    Christina is a passionate worship leader and overseer of our Women of Hope ministry. Her years of  biblical study and worship leading are evident weather in the Shore House of Prayer or in a worship service. Christina loves to see people get healed and walk them through the process. Mark together with Christina oversee Ground Swell (our youth group) with a team of others who lead teens into encounter with Jesus and discovery of their true identity in Christ. Mark enjoys hunting, fishing and horsepower, but loves leading people into a place where the supernatural God encounters us individually.

You can call us "pastor" if you want but we're not big on titles. However, that's not to say we do know our unique roles and identities.  Its seems clear to us that the churches in the New Testament were led by elders who were the overseers; and these leaders were gifted in a variety biblical ways. One of those gifts was certainly "to pastor"  the flock (literally: to shepherd).  Through grace and honor this team is doing that, among other things.