What should i expect?

Expect To Be Accepted And Loved.


Our Sunday service is at 10 am. It lasts about two hours. During our service, we have Nursery, Pre-K for children age 3 through Kindergarten; 4-5-6 for Kids in 4th, 5th and 6th grade and GEN2GEN (Generation to Generation) for children from 1st Grade through 3rd Grade. Older teenagers either help with Sunday School or stay with the adults.



When you first come in you’ll be greeted and given some materials. If you have kids, our greeters will also let you know about our Sunday School classes and nursery. If your children are more comfortable, they’re welcome to attend the adult service with you, but if they’re up for it, they’ll likely have a great time with the other kids.




Within our welcome center, you'll notice (off to your left) our well stocked Cafe, so grab yourself a hot cup of Colombian Dark Roast coffee and choose from a variety of wholesome, great tasting snacks, and... some even greater tasting unwholesome ones. Many people hang out in the greeting and connection area before finding a seat.




You can sit wherever you want - there is no special seating. People are typically very friendly and are genuinely interested in one another's lives. Oh, and how you dress is up to you. We like a relaxed atmosphere.


A Typical Sunday



One of the things people say about Shore Vineyard is that they love the variety - it’s hard to tell what will happen on a Sunday. We always try to be open to what direction we believe God's Spirit is leading. However, some things are fairly predictable:



  • We generally start with one worship song, followed by a welcome, announcements, and the invitation to the Lord’s Supper (which is shared family style during worship).
  • Worship generally lasts about 30 minutes. It is powerful, rock-style praise and intimate worship.  Generally people are moved by it, and often people feel the presence of God.  People are welcome to worship in a variety of ways, though there is no pressure to do so in any particular way. Some raise hands, clap, shout, sing in the Spirit, or dance – all legitimately Biblical ways of worshiping.
  • A time of spontaneous testifying to the great things God's been doing sometimes follows, and after that an offering.
  • Then, there is a Bible-based teaching, often followed by a time when you can receive ministry. (That's a churchy word for Holy Spirit-inspired prayer)  Sometimes, ministry is incorporated within the teaching.
  • Towards or at the end of teaching, there will be an on-screen announcement to pick up your children from Sunday School
  • After the service is dismissed, you may want to receive prayer from our ministry team, meet with new friends, talk to a pastor, or go out for lunch.

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