with Teresa Liebscher & Deborah Enomoto from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

JULY 20-21 & 23-24, 2018


$100 per person, $175 per couple

*Includes New Manual

The goal for the Advanced Sozo training is to provide support and additional information for any problems or issues occurring because of providing the Bethel Sozo ministry. The Advanced Training is set up for those Bethel Sozo ministries that have been up and running for at least 6 months. The seminar will be teaching three additional Sozo tools: Triggers, Divine Editing and Body Work.

This seminar also includes Shabar Training. Shabar Training introduces individuals or teams to the world of shattered, fractured people. The training aids those attending the Advanced Sozo Training with the skills to help bring hope and wholeness to a “shattered” individual.

What you will learn:

  • Definitions and identifications - Who are candidates for this type of ministry, possible causes, an understanding of what life may be like post integration and what integration actually is
  • Ministry Process - Guidelines for identification, steps and tips for what to expect during a session

*Those attending should have already been released into the Sozo ministry and doing the Bethel Sozo ministry for at least 6 months.

SHABAR MENTORING, July 23 & 24 2018

$50 per person

Shabar Mentoring is an opportunity for you to sit in on live Shabars to observe the process and see the response of the clients. You will actually be in the room with Teresa and Deborah as they minister to clients. Many times the client will agree to answer your questions as well, so you can see that this will be an amazing time for honing and expanding your skills in using the Shabar process.

*Those attending Shabar Mentoring should be people already ministering and/or observing Shabar.


Private SOZO prayer sessions are also offered by appointment during training on Saturday. We ask for a donation of $75 for each personal ministry time during these time slots. This allows team members to help cover their travel costs.

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