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Shore House of Prayer is a place where any and all can gather to meet with God, bringing both their love and their needs to him, listening to hear his voice, and resting in his presence.

what is S-HOP?

At the heart of S-HOP (Shore House of Prayer)  are worship teams appointed both day and night to bring worship and prayer together before God, modeled after the tabernacle of David (1 Chr. 16-25) and the worship in heaven (Rev. 4; 5) This means that, in our times before the Lord, we carry both the harp (worship) and the bowls of incense (prayer), because something amazing happens when these two join. And as with Israel in the time of King David, the long-term vision of S-HOP is to have worship and prayer going on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, S-HOP is not confined to the 24/7 prayer and worship sets, but will include healing and the prophetic. There will be strategic thrusts outside the walls into the community -- prayer walks, prayer journeys, community outreaches with prayer and worship, and conferences. As we emphasize prayer and worship, seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness (Matt. 6:33), he will provide all we need to do his work here on earth, both individually and corporately. We will see his justice fulfilled. We will achieve the transformation he desires. We will see unity fall on his Bride, the Church.

While S-HOP is presently housed at Shore Vineyard Church, already there are people participating from other churches. We believe that many individuals and churches from our shore area will join us in prayer and worship together, creating one voice before the Lord!

We cannot say all of what S-HOP is or will be because the infinite God is not contained by our thoughts. Each person who comes to join us will bring new gifts, needs, and creative expression in worship.

Come, now is the time to worship and pray!

What does it look like?

The House of Prayer is based on God's desire to flow through us as we pray, not only to hear and answer prayer. He uses all of our creative gifts to flow out in "all manner of prayer," going around the clock, just as the worship of Heaven goes on around God's throne day and night (Isa. 56:7; 2 Chr. 6:20).

Those who pray and worship at S-HOP form teams, which commit to a 2-hour timeslot each week. Teams generally consist of a worship leader, a prayer leader, as well as singers, musicians and others who pray. Specific types of sessions may be set aside for specific types of prayer. Some of these include:

  • Intercessory Prayer Sets: Dedicated to specific concerns... our area, country, Israel, other nations of the world, and people needing healing in mind, body, and spirit, as determined by the team.
  • Worship in the Word Sets: Based on chosen biblical passages. As the prayer leader declares the Word of God, the singers echo it back to God through spontaneous songs.
  • Devotion Sets: Contemplative worship times, directed toward adoration and ministry to God.

We are allowing the Lord to mold S-HOP into its own unique personality and flavor. As a result you will find a wide variety of sounds, focuses, and styles across the various teams throughout the week.

We believe in the worship arts, so therefore, over time, our prayer and worship will include many forms of creative artistic expressions.

Whatever the format, the underlying component of S-HOP is worship, which energizes from devotion and passion to God. Expect to experience God's presence where love for him will be stirred in your heart, and you will find yourself desiring to pour back to him from the beauty of your own creative expression.

how can i get involved?

Actively take part in the Prayer and Worship: Come any time, day or night (see calendar). Sing and pray, release your own prayers to God, and when the leaders open up the opportunity, pray out those prayers and scriptures for others to join in agreement. There is power in corporate, united intercession (Ps. 133). Not only do the S-HOP teams minister to God and engage in prayer together, but they also encourage everyone in the room to become involved.

Artistic Expression: If you write, draw, paint, dance, sculpt, etc., you will find that the atmosphere of S-HOP brings inspiration that facilitates the expression of your creative gift.

Prophetic Rooms and Healing Rooms: Not only do we seek to bless God through worship and prayer, but he also blesses us with his presence and his gifts. One way this happens is through organized teams who are gifted and trained to minister healing to the sick, and to give prophetic words of encouragement and exhortation (1 Cor. 14). If you wish to receive prayer or a prophetic word, email Ann to set up a time.

Team Training: S-HOP will hold workshops to train those interested in getting regularly involved on a team in the prayer room. These include instruction on "Character and Commitment" and on the "Harp and Bowl" model of team worship and prayer. Mentoring is also available for those interested in getting involved on the prophetic and healing teams.  Email Ann to determine when training opportunities are available.

Send Prayer Requests to S-HOP: If you have an emergency or important request you would like prayed for and are unable to attend, you may notify S-HOP by clicking here. It's important that you follow up with any results so that we can celebrate the answer before God or continue to pray as we wait.

send a prayer request

If you have an emergency or important request you would like prayed for, you may notify S-HOP by filling out the prayer request form. Don't forget to click on "Send request" at the bottom of the form.

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