Creative Desire - 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7pm - All aspiring artists and craftspeople are invited to participate. Email Taffy for more info.

Home Groups:  We are committed to learning about the things of God while instilling these five core values... spiritual growth, encouragement, accountability, worship and inclusion. Get plugged in, make friends, and become family! Groups meet various days, times and places. For info email Tom.

Transformed:  This is an in-depth 22 week class where we learn our significance in Christ and how to keep our love on.  The goal is to see every woman and man set free and delivered from all oppression, calamity and lies so that they may be “complete and proficient, well-fitted and thoroughly equipped for every good work.” Childcare is provided. Email Geri for more info. Runs Monday nights January - June.

Shore Steps - Many who attend Shore Vineyard would like to get more involved "if they only knew where to start." So we have created intentional entry points for people to get connected, grow in Christ and be trained and released in ministry.

Shore Steps is for anyone who desires to find a place in the life and ministry of Shore Vineyard and to use their unique gifts to serve God and people with purpose and passion.

    This class is divided into four parts and is offered twice a year. It runs on four consecutive Monday evenings  at 7:00pm (see calendar) or all four parts presented in an all-day Saturday marathon 9am-4pm.
    This is a 6-week course  designed to explore our faith and the unique opportunities and challenges of being in a revival/kingdom culture.  Each week we explore 2 of the twelve cultures which are foundational to sustain personal and corporate revival.
  • STEP 3 -- UNDERSTANDING WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU FIT                                      Learn about your Meyers Briggs personality type and your flag page to understand what makes you uniquely you. Understanding ourselves and others helps us to honor and work well with those who are naturally wired differently. The class is taught by Kurt Hochreiter and Chip Lewis. For more info email Jennifer