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Creative Desire - 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 7pm - All aspiring artists and craftspeople are invited to participate. The first Wednesday is a book study of "Unlocking the Heart of the Artist" by Matt Tommey. The second is a fun night with workshops and "show and tell".

The Redwood Project: Depending on Each Other (Shore Vineyard's small groups program)

Giant redwood trees are known for their unique, intermingling root system that provides support and stability to each other. In that same likeness, the Redwood Project has a similar purpose: to strengthen the body of Shore Vineyard and our community, and establish and grow "family" relationships in small group environments, as we discover and walk in our Kingdom identities. In these home groups we are committed to learning about the things of God while instilling these five core values... spiritual growth, encouragement, accountability, worship and inclusion. Get plugged in, make friends, and become family!

Groups meet various days, times and places. For info email or call Tom, 732-597-8305, or Mark, 732-604-3132.

S-H-O-R-E   S-T-E-P-S - Many who attend Shore Vineyard would like to get more involved "if they only knew where to start." So we have created intentional entry points for people to get connected, grow in Christ and be trained and released in ministry.

S-H-O-R-E S-T-E-P-S is for anyone who desires to find a place in the life and ministry of Shore Vineyard and to use their unique gifts to serve God and people with purpose and passion.

    SHORE LIFE is a first step in connecting to Shore Vineyard and learning about our history, vision, mission, core values and culture. This class is a one-time, one-hour get together with our Core Leaders (Pastors/Elders) and Energy Leaders (Deacons) offered the last Sunday of every month in the Main Meeting Room at 1:30pm. SHORE LIFE is a launching pad into Step 2, ASSURED LIFE.
    ASSURED LIFE is a 12-week course designed to explore our faith, the unique opportunities and challenges of being in a revival/kingdom culture and how to daily live a life empowered by the Spirit. The class meets weekly and is ongoing, so you can jump in as soon as you've attended SHORE LIFE.