We are honored to know, love, and partner with such a good God!  Every person is valuable to Him and to us.  In fact, we would like to touch those considered untouchable and reach those considered unreachable. 


SERVICE TIME is SUNDAY evening 6:00pm


Dear Web Visitor,

People swing by our site for many reasons. Perhaps you’re looking for a church. Perhaps you’re hoping to find a place to fit in, to worship, to give, to grow, to serve. If that’s you, welcome. I think you’ll find Shore Vineyard a good place!

Perhaps you’re searching for God. Perhaps you’re hoping to find real answers, hoping for genuine love and acceptance, for healing, for life... or just hoping to find that "more" you always longed for. If that’s you, welcome. I think you’ll find Shore Vineyard a good place!

We typically refer to ourselves as a church or a community, but truthfully we’re more like a really big family. One that I’m sure will be more complete with you in it, than without you. If you’d like to come to one of our Sunday gatherings, you can join us at 10:00 am. (Kids' Church is at the same time) But Sundays are only one way to connect. Take a look around our site. You’ll find a variety of meetings, get-togethers, and ministries to help you get plugged in.

Regardless of how or when you come, just come as yourself. There’s no need to put on any religious airs, special clothes or formal speech. We value our diversity. We value authenticity.  I’m a work in progress and I’m sure you are too. This is precisely why our motto is: Shore Vineyard -- where the power of God will undoubtedly change you, but you’re accepted just the way you are!

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you,